Monday, December 12, 2005

Blogging Around

Checking out some political rumblings on the net...

NewDonkey has a great analysis of what he terms "liberal activist" candidates from Adlai Stevenson to Gene McCarthy to Howard Dean and how they "struggled, to one degree or another, to attract much support from blue-collar and minority voters" while garnering much of their support from upscale, educated white voters. The lesson to be learned for the Democratic party in regards to these candidates is how to add to FDR's coalition without subtracting from it elsewhere.

SoapBlox/Chicago wades into DLC/Boogeyman conspiratorial territory, wondering if Barack Obama is a "DLC trojan horse" because he is supporting 10 of his Senatorial buddies who happen to be DLC members.

Donkey Rising comments on Jamison Foser's expose of mainstream media's pro-Republican bias as written over at Media Matters, specifically, how the media ignored a Zogby poll that showed the majority of Americans favor impeachment of Bush if he lied about reasons for going to Iraq.


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